I Am the Light of the World

Study Guide

Because of our own brokenness, this world is full of darkness. While we run to many distractions and quick fixes to find light, we can only find true light through one source: Jesus is the only One who exposes what is in the dark, guides us through darkness, and overcomes the darkness.
  1. In order for Jesus to expose, lead us through, and overcome the darkness, we have to recognize that we are living in darkness. When did you first come to acknowledge the darkness of your heart?

  2. Jesus is the light that reveals and exposes what is hidden in the darkness. What is hidden in your life that you need to let Jesus expose? Who are you going to talk to that can help bring it into the light?

  3. We are not comfortable acknowledging or thinking about the darkness in our hearts, so we are easily distracted. What are you easily distracted by that keeps you living in a superficial realm? How can you move forward in bringing what is in the dark to the light? What is one distraction you can remove from your life that is keeping you from confessing sin?

  4. There is only one light that leads to salvation and that is Jesus; however, we tend to run to what temporarily fixes the darkness rather than what overcomes the darkness. What do you run to that is just a temporary fix?

Key Points
  • The darkness and brokenness we see in this world are just a reflection of what is rooted deep in our own hearts.

  • The greatest darkness is the lack of the knowledge of the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • Jesus is making an exclusive claim to divinity—He is THE Light, and He alone will be the One to expose what is in the darkness.

Scripture References

Topics: Comfort, Gospel, Pride